Tag: Election Fraud

  • State Farm Arena Scandal

    The Election Scandal of the year goes to the State of Georgia! Congratulations for being the state that prosecutes more of its own citizens for breaking laws than allegedly just about any other state! More people go to jail in Georgia than other similar states allegedly! Which should come as no surprise really since Georgia […]

  • Georgia Corruption?

    Georgia Corruption?

    Is the State of Georgia Corrupt? Right now a huge legal battle is going on and the Media are not covering anything. But this is a nation of People! Take a few minutes to see this video because it is very revealing and it could possibly reveal criminal and civil wrong doing in the Government […]

  • Mail in Ballots!

    Reports have come in that Stacy Abrams has indicated that they are mailing out 750,000 ballots to be mailed back for a Vote Fest! How can any Republican ever win an election again in such a corrupt state where the Gov does not even abide by the laws written by the legislature. All Ballots should […]

  • Facebook Crime?

    Facebook Crime?

    Is Facebook participating in crimes against the United States of America? That is something that at this point might be a serious issue both in terms of the election results and the systematic black hole shadow banning of posts that reveal potentially damaging information that could reveal some eyebrow raising concerns about Facebook and its […]

  • Election Fraud…

    This is what is happening. Get ready for amazing news that you will not hear on national TV. This is really getting too big for the media to continue to lie about. But the Media are sticking to the lies so far they are lying about everything. Mathematically it is impossible Benfords LAW. . . […]

  • skewed polling bias

    The media have made it clear that they think that the American voter is stupid. What other conclusion is there? When you look at how skewed the polling is then you have to understand just how dishonest and biased the media have become. The thing is this is not something new. So, apparently the media […]

  • Election Fraud on the rise

    Voting machines that switch votes? Hundreds of thousands of ballots? More voters than residents in towns? Once again we see many of the bad behaviors that have plagued US elections for many years including the dead rising to vote. Incentives voting, ┬áThere are always a few situations where fraud rises up to create a problem […]