State Farm Arena Scandal

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The Election Scandal of the year goes to the State of Georgia!

Congratulations for being the state that prosecutes more of its own citizens for breaking laws than allegedly just about any other state!

More people go to jail in Georgia than other similar states allegedly!

Which should come as no surprise really since Georgia was the original penal colony!

But knowing that Georgia prides itself on putting people in jail it is a bit ironic that when valid proof of the violation of election laws of Georgia… Nothing happens?

They refuse to look at the fraud because they investigated themselves and found that they did nothing wrong?


What about the seven laws allegedly broken at state farm arena!

But but but, wait, we can explain that away with a few twisted and confusing circle logic psychobabble statements and then just say nothing to see here move along…

The truth is the only thing that is going to redeem the state of Georgia!

The officials of the state of Georgia are denying justice and denying the rights of thousands and thousands of Georgia Voters all while they put other people in jail for doing far less!

That is just so Wrong that there is no way to justify it!

First they said, no fraud!

Fraud is a myth!

Then they said, there is a little fraud but not enough to make a difference!

Really? AND how would you know how much fraud there is unless you look at the ballots?

Then they said we legal counted ballots three times….

But that too is not entirely truthful or honest!

They do not know how many illegal ballots have been counted because they did not look at the ballots!

Do you begin to see a pattern here?

They keep saying things but they do not do anything!

They keep trying to justify NOT looking at the ballots!

How can you NOT look at the Ballots when we have hundreds of eye witness accounts along with at least three video accounts that demonstrate highly likely criminal actions and violations of Georgia State Election Laws!

You see there is a criminal pattern here and it is something that most honest people do not understand!

People who are dishonest and practice cheating and or fraud they believe that everyone does it!

They think that everyone behaves in a criminal manner so they justify the crimes that they commit thinking (unjustly) that the other side is doing it as well.

But that is just not the case and its not because the other side might not be disposed to do that but that the leaders of the other side do not condone or permit the type of atmosphere that would allow such behavior to go unpunished.

That is the real problem here we have leaders that are allowing bad behavior to exist without any accountability!

That is why we have so many problems in elections.

But this year it was different!

They knew they were not in a good position to win this election.

They had no real candidates!

The candidates they choose were not popular!

The candidates were not qualified!

Yet, they still put out a slate that was not going to win and they did it anyway! Knowing what we now know it should be completely plausible that there was a plan!

They had a plan and they executed that plan by nefarious means and most importantly they got caught!

They can try to justify the lies they tell themselves privately about what they did and what they are not doing to provide the people with the truth!

In the end the truth
will come out!

The People will have the truth!