shameful media

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The practice of munipulating surveys and polls to generate talking points for the media to “Play Around” with is beginning to really stink to the American People and the World.

The single greatest issue is something you might not really consider to be true.

Some people do not realize that these polls are faulty and inherantly false.

Of course it may not be all that news worthy but it is those same people who do not take the time to vote.


You can see talking heads out there touting the latest polls, which mean nothing and are always wrong.

We have seen how over the last several years everything is and has to be politically correct.

They make political points in movies, they play with the truth by telling a lie and all the while they make fun of the “thinking man and woman” because they think they are so smart that no one can tell that they have no clothes on.

It is really amazing to watch but not for long. 

You could have a poll that states that most people think the moon is made of cheese.

People would believe it. 

But how many of those people who believe the lies of the media go out and vote?

Not many, people are just not as dumb as the media seem to believe that they are.

(They tell these lies so often that they probably believe the lies themselves)

I often just wonder how they keep a straight face when talking about a poll where 378 people were asked a question that the news media fail to publish.

Then later the media just tell you the percentages, not what question was asked nor how many people were asked, where they lived, what zip codes or how they were contacted.

The biggest problem with Polls is that most people consider that information private, which brings the validity of these so called polls into question.

Over all its laughable, but what ever you do, just know if a poll says that dolphins are smarter than humans and they are anti trump, then just realize that dolphins cannot vote and laugh at the ignorant media.

Its funny but not in a funny way.