Security Concerns

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It may be one of the things that has changed in the lives of so many people around the world.

Security, it is difficult to address that concern because there are so many different levels of what defines security.

We know that over all you can only be so secure at least to a certain point where no level of security is enough.

What is acceptable when it comes to developing long term goals of keeping the people of the United States Secure?

That should not be too difficult to understand or to achieve, naturally it is always harder than it looks to the casual bystander, however we know that after 911 there were no foreign threats that were not contained from 2002 until sometime after the 2008 Election Cycle.

Lets consider a few things, we know that there have been many incidents that could be considered not workplace violence but the kinds of disturbing issues that would indicate that were not doing enough to keep the peace in this nation.

Another serious problem is that when we try to define everything in terms of political correctness were not doing our job to keep the people of this nation safe.

Were living in a different world than what we knew in the past…

This is a modern world yet many of these issues are from a world that existed long before this new technology that we see now where communication is near instant.   We should be able to quickly identify a threat and take action, but is that really fair to say?  Probably not, Security should be available and they should be trained to supply safe pacification and termination of threats no matter what the level of threat might be.

That is of course easier said than done, naturally it always is going to be that way.

We just need to take action to reduce the number of threats by providing a better quality of police and private security procedures.

We need to understand that we cannot rely on the police to do everything.

There is a lesson to be learned about security in the Paris Attacks.

It is easy to stand up and say “you should do this or do that” It is easy to say you might have done it differently.

The problem here is a complex one and it is a problem that exists in a number of different areas and locations around the world.

When you have an area that the public does not have a means of protection against aggressors, then this is the kind of outcome you will have time after time after time.

Until we understand that a well trained pubic and private security focused members both civilian and professional were going to be unprepared to deal with the same kinds of issues that Paris faced earlier this month.