Security Concerns

It may be one of the things that has changed in the lives of so many people around the world.

Security, it is difficult to address that concern because there are so many different levels of what defines security.

We know that over all you can only be so secure at least to a certain point where no level of security is enough.

What is acceptable when it comes to developing long term goals of keeping the people of the United States Secure?

That should not be too difficult to understand or to achieve, naturally it is always harder than it looks to the casual bystander, however we know that after 911 there were no foreign threats that were not contained from 2002 until sometime after the 2008 Election Cycle.

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Police State in Missouri

Have the Police gone too far?

When does it become unlawful to protest?

When do the police have rights to
suppress the people?


When you look at the actions of police in Missouri there are some serious issues that are beginning to affect the lives of millions of Americans.

Do the police have the right to oppress the people of the
United States?

What is going on when the police act in a way that incides action in a deadly situation where unarmed men are shot down.

Journalists at a Mcdonalds are arrested, this is not lawful it is time for the governor of the state of Missouri to take action the police are not taking lawful actions, they are out of control and must be stopped.

Tear Gas, Stun Grenades, High powered weapons, shock police, could thousands die because of the actions of one police officer?

Will the media report on this?

These are serious questions that must be answered.

Body Scans is it crossing the line?

The real reason behind this could be something nasty, but likely it is about power and how to irritate the American public, (allegedly)

To hear accounts of some people when you decide to opt out, right away the Agencia of the TSA begin to Yell and in some cases Yell, (many say this is done to intimidate you into not doing it again) so they Yell and scream, and they yell and they scream, they intimidate you they yell at you, according to some reports they touch your junk…



Screaming Agents, Screaming at the top of their lungs, is that the way it should be done?

As one person suggested perhaps the best method of opting out is to just not fly anywhere, after all one might logically ask, your going to pay for this?

So is this the beginning of a Police State.

Are people being treated as criminals?

What is going on?

Yelling Opt out, yelling Opt out, Opt out, screaming, Loudly, Opt out, these people are evil.