Removing the landmarks

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Landmarks were setup to mark the way for others to follow…

It should not be difficult to understand what happens when you take something away that is just and good from influencing our children and the future they have…

Every time yet another tragic circumstance occurs in a school, Everyone says the same thing why is this happening.

It goes back to a time when there were no horrible attacks on school grounds.

Back to a time when students never considered bullying to be a big issue…

When you take away prayer from schools you did a lot more than you ever thought about.

(the truth is simple) the constitution never supported the supreme courts decision to limit the free expression of religion.

Its not freedom from religion…

It is freedom of religion.

What is most interesting here is the failure of the average person to understand that when they took God out of the schools that it allowed the devil to take his place…

It is a horrible thing to think about but that is basically what happened.

Now they say that the Ten Commandments is not offensive to everyone and should be removed from court houses.

(But are we really that ignorant)

The word Establish means to set up (an organization, system, or set of rules) on a firm or permanent basis.

Do we have the power to setup a religion on a permanent basis?

That is in regard to the people not the supreme court and not in court.

We have so many problems that must be overcome but as long as we continue to lie about the constitution and allow the supreme court to lie to the people then we face ruin and continued violence in our schools.

We know what our schools were like in the past…

We know what happens when you take out God and Prayer from the schools…

The question is do we want to go back to not being afraid of where our children go to school?