race baiting media?

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Is the media all about creating a controversy?

If that is true why are they interested in creating discord?

 This headline took years to surface in the media….

Double standard seen in white man’s killing

Critics point to Trayvon Martin case

In the days after Trayvon Martin was killed, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson joined thousands of others in protest marches in Florida, pushing for authorities to arrest and charge Mr. Zimmerman. Six weeks later, police did just that.

Just five days have passed since Mr. Lane was killed, but thus far, Mr. Jackson’s reaction has been much more reserved. He tweeted Wednesday that this type of violence must be “frowned upon.”

A month after Trayvon Martin was killed, Mr. Obama addressed the case from the White House. He did so again after Mr. Zimmerman was acquitted.

Why did the media engage in race baiting?
Why did they attempt to start riots?
Why did they not do the same thing when a white man was killed?
Why are the Media so interested in dividing Americans?