Polls that tell lies

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Polls mean nothing,

predict nothing and are useless as a means of gauging the results of an election.

Over the last few months and perhaps even as long as a year or more, there have been bobble heads that pretend to present fair and balanced news coverage.

The greatest problem and challenge is that these polls are not reflective of honest truth.

Basically they are lying.

They lie.

They intentionally lead the viewing audience to believe that these polls are inclusive or even meaningful.

They may say something from time to time about how this poll or that poll says this or that, but the cold hard truth here is a simple premise, its not accurate and it is not accurate for one really good reason.

They choose which polls they present to the viewing audience.

Often they  leave out that they only contacted 378 people and somehow “this is scientific evidence” that the entire world believes the same way and will vote the same way.

Really Fox, news how stupid do you really think people are out in the real world?

You can see the bias leaking from the walls behind the heads of those that speak lies and smile into the camera.

Yes it is a great concern, not only because it is insulting to ones intelligence but it creates problems, many different problems, a biased media with the intention of convincing an audience that a certain poll is true or not true or for that matter the idea that they “think” they know who will vote one way or the other is just a crazy misconception that should be better examined in the cold light of the day.

They come out with polls the say what they want to say but were afraid to ask to say, what?

Confusing right, sure and that is what is wrong with journalism today.

Polls are meaningless unless you happen to have a psychic around who can tell you what the future will be.

(Since that is not going to happen any time soon)

Just be aware, that polls do not mean anything, they are being used as a method of influencing how people think and vote and that is wrong.

Sure there are apparently a fair few people out there that are susceptible to the famous or infamous Jedi mind trick so we leave you with this reminder…

There are no clones…

There is no try there is only do.