News Media “Promises” to be fair?

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Well the news media has promised to be fair and square. 

They want to bury the hatchet, (probably not the way the phrase indicates)

They want to heal, they want to put all this misunderstanding behind them.

They want to appear that they are fair minded.

They want you to forget how stupid they have behaved.

They have acted stupidly.

Sure they have and certainly they should not have acted the way that they did act.

The problem is that they do not intend to change.

They do not intend to be fair or balanced.

They do not intend to cover the news without tainting it with bias.

The single greatest reason why the press and the news media cannot seem to separate fact from fiction or opinion?

They have an Agenda.

That is it folks it is and it should come as no surprise to most people that the media have an agenda.

That is wrong…

It is wrong like behaving badly in public is wrong.

Children are often excused when they behave badly because they don’t know any better but in this case the Media they are not children but they are behaving as badly as children yet they expect that there will be no consequences?

They don’t think that there will be any price to pay for trying to push what amounts to a socialist agenda on the now free american people?

You see they do not believe in freedom.

The media and the press they do not believe that anyone but themselves should have a voice because they believe that only they can speak.

They believe that everyone else cannot speak out loud or have an opinion on anything else but what they feel and think and believe because that would be against what they think is true.

They do not want to hear any other reality other than what they believe is true.

That should scare the average person, the average voter, the average family man and woman.

That should scare the living skin off your body.

It should be that scary because what that description actually is could be and is defined in a mental illness manual.

Those types of people are sick.

We do not believe that people like this are the types of people that you would think would ordinarily be in charge of a large media organization, we do not envision the mentally ill aspect of human behavior in this way because we are the normal people.

We look at the world in a different way, perhaps a way that is filled with hope and the idea that most people are decent people.

Decent people that would help others that need food to eat or clothes to wear or a place to sleep.

The problem is that most people, like you and like me and like your family, your friends, perhaps most of the people you work with, (Lol) you see the average person the average Joe or Jane out there are decent people and they don’t spend their time trying to figure out ways to bend the news or the facts to fit in with their insane narrative and agenda.

Most people are probably not even aware of just how dangerous and mentally ill these people are that are literally “Programming your children”

But more on that on another day.

The greatest challenge here is how to remain free from the wrong doing of the biased and liberal press while still allowing them to express their point of view, because we believe in the freedom of speech.

The problem we have right now is that the press do not believe in your freedom of speech they only believe in their freedom of speech.

That is a big problem.

A problem that must be addressed.