Merry Christmas

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And a Happy New Year.

Never let a good opportunity pass you by.

This year, may be the last time you can wish someone a Merry Christmas online, sadly Politically Correct thinking has begun to spread like a cancer across the internet and even in some banks across the nation, where once it was second nature to celebrate the reason for the season, now its potentially offensive,  the problem here is that it is impossible to not offend someone about something.

No matter what you do, from burning wood to heat your home, to eating a hamburger, someone is going to get offended.

The issue is not if they will get offended but when they will be offended.

In so many ways, the liberal society seems to be perversely interested in if someone gets offended.

This is not something that anyone can do anything about but apparently the liberal left seem to want to force this attitude of correctness on the world.  The sad thing is that no matter how hard they try it will not change anything, no matter how much they try to keep someone from being offended it will not change the fact that someone will get offended.

This is insanity because you end up spending so much time trying to keep someone from getting offended that you end up offending the other 9 out of ten people that did not get offended in the first place.

Does this sound crazy, well yes it is and it does.

The idea that someone would consider the needs of the one over the needs of the many is something that is just plain wrong.

So to all the chattering class, Merry Christmas, if that offends you, I would like to say I am terribly sorry, but I am not and I am not sad about that at all, so once again for anyone that missed it before and did not get offended, Merry Christmas.



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