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Marines having fun…

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So we have two different videos here the first one shows Marines having some fun, the second one also shows some marines having some fun.

No one will complain about the first video but there may be a few that complain about the second video.

Both videos are protected by the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America.

Both videos are perfectly legal.

There is nothing wrong with expressing your freedom of speech.

What is interesting about the argument some will make about the establishment clause is that they will say that the second video offends some people, however that is a false argument.

Establishment means to establish or to create.

Nothing is being created that has not already been created in the past.

So that argument is null and void, any child could tell you that is the truth, yet we have some adults that will argue with a fence post and likely do every day, we know that there are people that are mentally unfit to engage in discourse.

Let us no longer entertain the foolishness of these people who can not be catered to as if they were the voice of reason when they are really the voice of insanity.

Watch the two videos 

Freedom is not hard to understand the first video is easy to understand and the second one is too, its not rocket science yet for some people they can’t allow others to to have the freedom to do what they want to do…

Why is that?  And why do we allow a small percentage of people to dictate to everyone just because they do not like what everyone else does like…

That is the truth and that is what must end, we can not allow a few to change society just because they are mentally unstable and sick.   Let them get help, let them go to a psychologist, but we can not allow them to change everything just because they are not willing to allow everyone to have the freedom of speech.