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  • Media lie and deny

    It is truly an amazing thing when you witness the Media deny that they have lied. They Lie and Deny… They make fun of the person that accuses them of being dishonest. They say things like “You must not be Ok because we think your crazy” Is it possible that the Media have become so […]

  • trump? Will he make it?

    Donald Trump may be the front runner currently in some polls and this is more than likely a result of the media working to discredit him at every possible moment including late night entertainment shows which basically are just another distorted view of how the media really thinks. On Conan oBrian apparently he and or […]

  • why Georgia may be the last place you want to live.

    Georgia has long been a penal colony, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a lot of prisons in Georgia. Sure Move to Georgia make a mistake go to jail, sound like fun? So it should come as no surprise to see a news story where a woman stops a […]

  • the interview just desserts for hollywood?

    The Hollywood culture is one that has long been one that just does not fit in with the rest of society. Which is an interesting statement if you think about how Hollywood often seems intent on making statements on how “They” feel that society should be. In all honesty the movie “the interview” is not […]

  • Marines having fun…

    So we have two different videos here the first one shows Marines having some fun, the second one also shows some marines having some fun. No one will complain about the first video but there may be a few that complain about the second video. Both videos are protected by the first amendment of the […]

  • #internet #freedom

    Ever just thought about what freedom is? I mean really consider, right now at this moment in time, what you are free to do. You could choose to go to a movie, buy popcorn and a coke and spend two hours watching a giant silver screen. You could choose to watch that same movie at […]

  • Viral Video featuring Joe Biden…

    Well this is a very creative video, if anyone is offended by this video, you should not watch it. Caution This is the Real No Spin Zone. LOL, its all just for fun…

  • Celebrating the forth of July…

    As a kid I remember the anticipation of the holiday where you got to eat watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers, lemon-aid and fireworks, they were fun and often we would share these wonderful memories with our families. [kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main size=”48″ color=”#C00″ ]Fourth of July…[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main] But are what are we celebrating here, the actual day of the forth […]

  • Media makes fun of Christian Beliefs?

    Why is it that the media feels like they can make fun of the religious beliefs of Millions of people all over the world? We do understand that the gentleman was an elderly man who likely was not able to accurately speak for himself however we know that this was true, did the media not […]

  • The rapture

    Well in case you have not been watching the news today and several hundred billboards and posters all over the place, then you know that a prediction made by a 89 year old elderly man who you could easily say allegedly was a little senile, but the real story here is not the end of […]