liberals why they need help

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Amazing but it could be true, Are they sick people and if they are should we allow them to decide what is right for all of America?

Should we hire some grief counselors, for these ragged liberals or perhaps they would be better off in a mental facility.

You know its sort of hard to take when you see some of these liberals stand up and talk about how they are standing up for people they have never met, nor would even shake hands with.

They say one thing but they mean something else.

It is beginning to look like people are really starting to get tired of these liberals, why are they calling attention to themselves in this way, they are in the minority, there is one of them for every 15000 of us, so again why do they think they are the only people that can have an opinion?

It really makes me wonder about what they would do if they had the chance.

What would they do, get the gas ovens ready?

Why are liberals allegedly so angry…