Government Grants

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Every year the Government, (Washington DC) sets aside funds to help people who really need help. 

Homeless people, who have lost their homes, (just look at the paper every week to see how many homes are being foreclosed on, it will open your eyes. 

Homeless people who have no place to go who are abuse victims, who need help. 

Even some that need counseling. 

We know its a reality, we know that there are hundreds of thousands of people living in really terrible living conditions. 

We also know that there are millions of dollars being flushed down the drain. 

WE know that money is being wasted by organizations, that spend money on a Mercedes Benz, but when it comes time to help someone that really needs it. 

Some and we do stress that it is some organizations are acting in a criminal manner. 

What is happening is an injustice both to those that need help and to those that could help if only performance were part of the plan. 

Performance here is how many people you can help with the money you have been given by the People of the United States of America. 

By the Government. 

Meaning that the money an organization receives, one year is not guaranteed the next year. 

Lets say organization A received 340,000.00 in 2013, but they only helped 42 abuse victims in the last calendar year. 

Then that organization would not be eligible for as much grant money as they were the previous year. 

That would make sense right?

Sure it would. 

But that is not how things work now. 

Performance makes sense, lets say that an organization last year helped 418 abuse victims, last year, now should that organization get more money in 2014 than in 2013. 

YES, you bet and we would

love to know why this is NOT happening. 

Right now applications are being put in from organizations for Government Grant money. 

Some of those Grantees, have no plans to aggressively help abuse Victims or even homeless people who want help. 

Take for instance a non profit organization in Georgia. 

Last year received thousands of dollars, spent the money but did not help anyone who needed help. 

You would think that the prosecuting attorney would take steps to stop this abuse or at least investigate it. 

But they do not have time. 

This is where you come in, if you know of an organization that is not doing its duty, please consider letting someone know what is going on before they get another dollar of your tax money to waste. 

True story, a local organization was granted more than 100, 000 dollars. 

We called them and verified that there is currently a three week waiting list for a one night stay at a shelter and this is in the largest Hub Metro area in the south. 

Imagine a city of 350,000 people having ZERO beds available for homeless that request assistance in having a place to lay their down. 

This city was allotted hundreds of thousands of dollars even purchased two large buildings (at a rate that would suggest fraud) then the City decided to sell these buildings and provide hotel vouchers, but guess what there are no hotel vouchers. 

What happened in this situation is criminal. 

Yet nothing happened the guilty were not punished and those that needed the most help were punished, the abuse victims the homeless, the families that really needed help were not helped at all. 

 Currently in this city there are NO, resources available for anyone and why is that?

Because someone wasted the money, someone engaged in criminal behavior, some real estate agent made a huge profit from the purchase of those two buildings. 

Some real estate agent, is now going to preside over the sale of those same two buildings at a price that is one half the price of the purchase price. 

Is this criminal maybe it is but no one is going to investigate soon. 

The real tragedy here is that soon the 2014 applications for grant money will be assigned and paid out. 

Where hundreds of thousands of dollars will be wasted yet again and those who really need the help will not have that help. 

If you know of an organization like the (Real organization mentioned above) please report them because there are real people that need real help out there and the money to help them, (The money could help them is being wasted by criminals who pretend to be administrators to help those poor homeless people) 

But in reality are as Ravaging wolves. 

In each state there is a government entity where you can report fraud, all you have to do is to google it. 

Help those people that need it most, by stopping organizations that abuse your trust and accept money they never intend to spend on people that need it most.