GOP Versus the Tea Party?

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Why would the Media and the GOP be rising against the People of the United States?

That makes you wonder just what the media and the GOP are up to right?

You would naturally think that no one in their right mind would attempt to silence the human right and indeed God Given Right to make choices in our lives.

The truth about what we are seeing out of the media suggests that they do not understand that you cannot take away a mans right to think, Say and Do anything they want to do.

We know this because when we study history we can see that every single time man attempts to remove the freedoms given to man by God, that they have failed.

Hitler, Failed, Stalin, Failed.

Every petty tyrant in existence has failed, This will be no different.

The only thing that they will learn now is that they are on the wrong side.

Will the GOP figure it out?

Will the Media?