Georgia Ballot Stuffing!

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This is incredible!

The media have for days and days been denying that there has been massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election!

In fact here at Blago Planet we predicted that this was going to happen!

When the Governor of the State of Georgia certified the election and the Sec of State of Georgia proclaimed that the election was free and fair! Other State officials came out and screamed like prating children about how wrong it was for the President to say that the Georgia Election was invalid and filled with Fraud!

Well, guess what!

The President was Right!

Here is the Proof that the Sec of the State of Georgia and the Governor of the State of Georgia got it wrong!

They got it so so Wrong!

Watch this video because it will tell the Truth about what happened in Georgia!

Folks this is the biggest news story you will see all of this year!

They got caught allegedly Stuffing Ballots!

You cannot deny it because this is the truth!

The Video Reveals what happened when people were told allegedly that a pipe burst and that they would be stopping counting and all the poll watchers were told to leave!

The Media were told to leave!

Then this happened!

When you see this video it will make you sick but you have to watch it because it demonstrates what was done at just one location!

Not to mention reports of hundreds of election law violations!

This is no accident!

Things like this happened in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan!

We have heard from people who were there!

WE have heard from experts that specialize in this kind of investigation!

WE have heard from direct eye witness sworn testimony of fraud!

All the while the Media constantly maintained that they called the results of the election!

The AP called the election?

They have been calling Candidate Biden President Elect Biden!

They have been calling for Trump to concede!

They have been calling people names!

Calling them liars!

The Media have done everything that they could to try to convince the American Voting Public that the Media was right about the election!

But now we know for sure without doubt!

They lied! Either by omission or by commission!

People usually lie for two reasons!

#1 Incompetence!

#2 Commitment!

The first lie is usually a result of either being lazy or just plain not qualified to be doing what they are doing!

The Second reason is that the person is committed to breaking the law and allegedly participating and or intentionally committing a crime!

This is the truth!

And there is more!

A lot more!

There are multiple videos!

There are multiple photographs of alleged manufactured ballots!

Coming out of the State of Georgia!

Video that shows Crimes taking place!

Criminal Breach of Georgia Election Laws!

We must have the truth about this election and that truth is the real election result!

This is the moment when real Patriots must come forward and reveal the criminal behavior of persons who have betrayed the trust of Georgia Voters as well betrayed the Voters of all of America!

These things happened in multiple States!

They stopped counting and told everyone to go home!

Then they started counting ballots!

Hidden Ballots!

There is more information out there and there are more people that have more videos who likely recorded the video in order to protect themselves should they feel that they were being threatened!

You cannot go anywhere without showing up on a video somewhere!

This is a different time than at any other election everyone has a camera on their phones!

In a very ironic way the affordability of phones that have cameras and audio recording abilities have created a society where nothing is hidden for long!

This time they got caught!

The media may come up with talking points!

They may try to deny it!

But make no mistake this is the day that it all broke down!

Election Fraud is Reality and Trump did win this election
by a landslide!

We know the truth!

Now you do too!