Fox news biased projections

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What is fox news doing?

Are they trying to influence

viewers opinions on Rick Perry?

What are they thinking?


Do they think that they are smarter than most television viewers?

Do they think that they are better at thinking than anyone else?

What do they think?


Do they think at all?

These are all questions that make you wonder what the media is doing with its coverage of the news are they making news or are they reporting the news?

When you look at some of the coverage you have to wonder, because I do not see things the same way that the news companies, (or entertainment companies seem to view the news)

I see a totally different view, but what is up with the entertainment companies view, and why do they try so hard to influence (allegedly) the opinions of the viewers?


When you look at some of these things, and some of these issues you have to consider what reality is and what the media would like for your to think that reality is.