Desperate Media risk’s discovery

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The Media is so desperate that they are now risking being exposed as the frauds that they have become.

When you have a movement of the people which is a true grass roots movement, you cannot squelch it.

However the Media have tried to do just that because they have not been successful in influencing the will of the people.

The Media feel that everyone else in the world is wrong and that they are the ones that view the world the way it is.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it is entirely wrong.

In the world of psychology and the study of mental illness people like this would be considered mentally ill. 

Basically the Media or those that work behind the scenes, such as producers and other production personal work to shape the news into what they want it to be.   Again this is metal illness, when anyone begins to think that everyone in the world is wrong about what they believe and they are the only ones that have the mental “power” to see the world in a different way, that person is sick and needs help.

In any other application this kind of demented behavior would be discouraged and in some cases that person that was sick would need to have professional help to overcome their illness. 

Yet, what we see in the media is often profoundly incorrect, both in its presentation of the Factual Truth and the presentation of bias as if it were truth.   This is not acceptable behavior yet we have many in the media that are sick and do need mental help, hopefully they will get some help because the “People” are tired of this one sided interpretation of what they “Believe” over what is the truth.

in·ter·pre·ta·tion is easy to figure out, spin and lies are just wrong…

The only way that you can fight back is to vote.

Simple right.

Vote, that is really all you have to do …