clinton money scandal?

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Is there a pay to play type situation with the Clinton Foundation?

Its likely, (allegedly) it looks that way and in the past its been done numerous times, just look at Blagojevich, who likely is still in prison for doing some of the same things, in fact if Hillary is not quilty because most politicians do this same thing and have been for years, then why is Rod Blagojevich sitting in jail now…

Pay for play, its really a part of the system is it not?

Perhaps in some instances however there are some things that are just too hot to really engage in and most people would say that the next news story could be more serious for the Clinton Foundation.

In some ways this is the truth about politics, people pay and they get to play, in some cases its not even illegal, but is it the right thing to do?

Games, when you look at what they are saying, its really not about speaking its about where the money goes once it gets to the foundation.