Category: 2017 media bias

  • Roy Moore Recount

    Roy Moore Recount

    Roy Moore Special Election NOT OVER YET?   As might be expected there were some reports of irregular voting and a number of other odd happenings including a lot of provisional ballots that occurred in some areas where Moore was expected to garner a lot more votes. Provisional Ballots are not counted until after the…

  • Roy Moore Senate Race

    Roy Moore Senate Race

    There is news which many Alabama voters have been waiting to see concerning the Roy Moore race for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. In this video you will see the first threads beginning to unravel as allegedly the alleged ambulance chaser throws yearbook accuser under the bus.

  • Reality is Real

    Imagine this, What if everything you hear on the news were a mirror reflection of what the truth actually is? Confused? That is what the Media hope that you never figure out what they are doing.

  • Megyn Kelly embaresses herself

    Is it true that Megyn Kelly is clueless concerning national politics… Did she in fact create serious problems by talking about these very serious problems in a way that proves that she had no idea what she was talking about. In a room full of Men that have little trust in western democracy should we…

  • No Proof Required

    Well here we are folks there is no proof required IF your the Media and you want to accuse someone of wrong doing. You heard it here first… The latest talking point making its way around the media is the false flag narrative that Proof has not been offered from Trump on accusation of wiretapping…