Megyn Kelly embaresses herself

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Is it true that Megyn Kelly is clueless concerning national politics…

Did she in fact create serious problems by talking about these very serious problems in a way that proves that she had no idea what she was talking about.

In a room full of Men that have little trust in western democracy should we still be surprised at the attempt made by Kelly to provide some form of questioning in a forum as an american reporter representing a tool of liberal alleged fascism?

Think what you may but this “reporter” was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She made serious accusations that hopefully will be “overlooked” as the puppet on a string that she likely really is.

What person in their right mind would make an accusation by omission to a man that is perhaps one of the more dangerous people in the world.

Has she lost her mind?

In other videos she makes statements about (the media’s fake story about election interference)

This is not an American Election, this is not bobble head time where someone whispers in the ear of a reporter the questions they want her to ask.

Seriously I feel sorry for her because it is clear that she has fallen from what she once was and is it really her way of thinking at all?  That is the real question is she a pretty face that is now aging past the point where she is of value to broadcast networks or cable networks and now they attempt to use her to do what?

Make a point?

Do anything of value?

I think not.