Reality is Real

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Imagine this, What if everything you hear on the news were a mirror reflection of what the truth actually is?


That is what the Media hope that you never figure out what they are doing.

Welcome to the Real World, if you have been sitting around thinking about what is going on in the real world, with sometimes a glazed look in your eyes as you watch or listen to the main stream or lame stream Media tell you lie after lie after lie.

Then watch this short video to fully understand just how much and how often you have been lied to.

Yes, I know right?

The real truth presented in a way that is certainly entertaining but the truth is the truth no matter how it comes to the light.

What is really interesting here is that you just do not hear this on the news.

All you can see on the news is a short breaking news when something horrible happens they cannot ignore then its right back to blaming President Trump for everything and anything they can.

They don’t even care if its even true or not.

Want to know why they don’t care what the truth actually is?

Because they believe in their small minds, that if they tell you the sky is purple polkadots, long enough that eventually you will believe all the lies they tell.

Case in point they claim that President Trump has some how Colluded with the Russians, but the evidence suggests that the people that have already colluded with the Russians are the very people that are telling you lies now.