Roy Moore Recount

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Roy Moore Special Election NOT OVER YET?

  As might be expected there were some reports of irregular voting and a number of other odd happenings including a lot of provisional ballots that occurred in some areas where Moore was expected to garner a lot more votes.

Provisional Ballots are not counted until after the election.

Military Votes are not counted until after the election.

As for the reports of voter fraud, well that is something totally different.

  There might be some case to be made to keep the election system honest.

As you might expect there are plenty of opinions coming from the Media and from the other candidate to just throw in the towel.

Quit already we won you lost elections have consequences.

But what if….

What if this contest is so close that some of those voter irregularities might make a big difference to the outcome of the election.

IF the media are allowed to declare a winner regardless of the actual ballot count, then who is really running the election the media or the state of Alabama?

In many ways this has been a case of the Media against the people of Alabama as well as Richard Shelby who advocated without due process that his own party vote against the republican candidate because of unproven allegations from 40 years ago.

No due process Shelby…

If this is the new way that things will be done then we as a nation are lost.

By proxy the GOP is complicit in this issue and there are some indications that the voters are not happy with the leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

We have a justice department that is basically so broken that there is no effective leadership in place.

IF all that is required is that hearsay “mountain out of a molehill allegations” can derail the will of the people and then by proxy senator Richard Shelby comes out against the candidate of his own party, then the election is in doubt.

There is a federal statute it is called the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act of 1939 is a piece of United States federal legislation which prohibits federal employees, employees of the District of Columbia and certain employees of state and local governments from engaging in partisan political activity. source

Officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities

In case you are wondering

Pernicious is defined as

having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.


We have to ask because the behavior of Senator Shelby seems wrong on a lot of different levels.

Did Senator Shelby violate the Hatch Act by acting as judge and jury by substantiating the unproven allegations against Roy Moore?

Due Process that is the name of the game here and there was no Due Process.

Now with a very close election where the differences between the two candidates is very slim it might just be possible that Senator Shelby changed the result of the election by creating a situation where he used his opinion and power to change the minds of voters by encouraging them to write in another name as a vote?

That seems strange and unlikely but what if it is true?

What if by condemning without due process a mans character Senator Shelby defamed Roy s Moore?

That is something that might be very relevant.

It appears that doug jones has been declared the winner by the Media.

However, were if it were the other way around and Judge Roy Moore had won by a very slim margin there would be a recount going on right now.

But it did not happen that way at least it does not seem that way.

What IF after counting the missing ballots, (estimated to be 17,500 ballots along with another 4500 ballots from other ballots not counted in the election until after the election…)

What if it turns out that Roy Moore won?

What we are hearing from the Media and now by the Establishment Clowns running congress is that the election is over and that you lost and that elections have consequences.


Elections have consequences….

   They certainly do when a democrat wins but when a Republican wins its not the same thing is it…

Everyone is saying that Roy Moore should just move on but what IF no one ever followed through and elections were all decided by the Media…

In that case there would be no real elections?

The Media would effectively take control over the election process which might already be the case.

Any election that has serious consequences over the last 20 years has been heavily influenced by the media.

The Media Bombard the public with non stop negative coverage of Republican candidates while upholding democrat candidates.

The media are participating in elections and that is wrong.

If we never challenge the media on this behavior we as a nation will be lost forever and America will cease to exist.

Congress must take action or America will Fall.

The really disturbing thing that is happening is that it appears that congress is working with the Media and if that is the case then congress will do nothing and nothing will change and eventually if that continues just like the Roman Empire fell so will America.

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