No Proof Required

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Well here we are folks there is no proof required IF your the Media and you want to accuse someone of wrong doing.

You heard it here first…

The latest talking point making its way around the media is the false flag narrative that Proof has not been offered from Trump on accusation of wiretapping the campaign headquarters of Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.

Can you dig into that folks.

The Far Left weirdo Media require proof in order to believe Trump…

But then can accuse Trump for Six weeks with no proof at all and the American Public is supposed to believe that there is no bias?

Some people are just that kind of special stupid sorry but as far as fixable issues are concerned as has been said by others in the past you cannot fix stupid.

You really can’t fix stupid.

But here we have it folks, the Corrupt, misconduct, misbehavior, misdoing, wrong doing crime, malefaction, misdeed, misdemeanor, sin, transgression, trespass, wrong headed Media (insert your favorite derogatory laced word) Clowns.

They are clowns because they believe that the Public are too ignorant to see the double standard they employ on a regular basis to convict people in the press with not an ounce of proof required at all.

No Proof…

Unless your who Trump or someone that has a different point of view than the Media?

Of course a few days from now perhaps even as early as Monday the media will “Trot out the old dog and pony show” which is designed to lend credence where none exists to the idea that there is so much bias in the media that no one really trusts the media any longer.

Ready for the dog and pony show?

Sure it goes like this.

(Some Media Bobble head will say these words)

Is this not a double standard?

Whereupon all the other bobble heads will look sternly into the camera and nod seemingly serious for a moment or two and then they will change the topic to the weather in Florida.

You see they have become predictable.

They even think that if they suggest for a moment that there is corrupt bias in the media and that the Media are complicit in staging the false allegations made by the Media that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to (Media driven news story) mock the US election process.


Really ??


Are you kidding me????

Do you mean to tell me that the only people that have been trotting out the false narrative that the Russians are coming are the Media and Democrats?

Well I am sure they will want an investigation soon by the light of the moon…