carly fiorina

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Will this candidate get to speak 

In the second debate it is beginning to look like Carly Fiorina is not going to get the opportunity to speak with the men on the stage.

Now this is something to think about.

When you begin to assess the candidates you wonder about some that are not getting the same media exposure as the others are.

This female candidate indeed the only one on the republican side is not getting a lot of press.

Were curious if the progressive mental media will allow this woman to get on stage with the other male candidates or if they will make it impossible for her to get into the debate at all.

What will they do?

What do you think they should do?

Should she be given a chance?

The entire debate is likely going to be a huge mess, but what is going to happen when it becomes obvious that the progressive secular media are just as bigoted as those they often brow beat on a regular basis, is there really a war on women and does it begin here where you can see in the cold light of day the truth behind who is it now?


Now this is going to get interesting…