brain washing media

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When it comes to lying the Media have no trouble doing what ever they can to convince the audience that what they say is true and what everyone else says is false.

It used to work too.

Used to…

What is wrong now in the media is that they are no longer really the press…

There is no more press.

It is becoming a digital world.

More people are getting their news by cell phone or smart phone or tablet or phablet.

More people than ever before are no longer watching the news…

So why should it be important that people have an understanding of what reality is and is not?

There are some people that are not as able to recognize the truth from the lies.

This does not make them bad people but it does make them dangerous more so when the Media lie enough and violence takes place like all the riots that we have seen over the last 10 years.

Baltimore Riots

As well as Riots and acts of murder committed by those effected by the coverage that the media put on the air.

Seriously folks, lets face it the media is not your friend.

The media is not protected by the constitution.

They have forgotten that they are no longer the press.

Freedom of the press was and still is protected by the constitution.

But what if the Media are really no longer the press but an entertainment company where a riot brings in millions in advertisements that the network or the owners of the media company can profit from.

That would no longer be freedom of speech…

Remember Yelling Fire when there is not a fire is not freedom of speech…

So,  I have to ask, just why do we allow the media to continue to yell fire when there is no fire.