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  • Media do not want to talk about immigration?

    Ok, this was something that was discussed at the debate recently. It is for the most part true. Which makes you wonder why we seem to intend on making the same mistakes over and over again. We know the truth, no amount of biased media fodder will change the choices that people make. Yet, here […]

  • The Secret

    There is a little known secret about how to understand what the media are saying on a daily basis. Now this is going to be previewed as somewhat disingenuous. But hey were just that way around here, so here is the quick and dirty secret that the media wish you were too dumb to figure […]

  • Cell phone Wars

    You might imagine that with competing Cell phone Carriers larger companies that traditionally over charge its own consumers might want to make some adjustments to its pricing structure. For years now many of these over priced carriers have over charged for equipment, provided sub standard services, while nickel and diming you every chance they get. […]

  • 2014 election cycle

    Before much longer the election for 2014 will begin to heat up and in some areas it is already getting warm for some democrats that are facing strong challengers, The Television advertising campaigns will be hot and heavy with mud slides everywhere. The one thing you will probably not hear from the democrats is anyone […]

  • to debate or not to debate?

    That is the question… The media would have you believe that the most important qualification for political office is the ability to debate on Television. The truth is far from that and as usual the media have managed to at leastattempt to convince most of the viewing public that debating is the numberone consideration in […]

  • Biased Moderators

    Does anyone really accept that the pretend moderators, were anything but biased in their reporting. So what happened, last night, and why did it happen, what we saw was a lot of biased questions, by biased moderators, that was designed to push a liberal agenda, (only 20 percent of America is Liberal) so who really […]

  • Can President Obama Win?

    If you listen to the liberal media allegedly no one can win the election except for President Obama and no one should even try to win except for the ones that they think will loose, allegedly that is some pretty seriously insulting alleged bias. The thing is what if its true? What if the media […]

  • FTC in the wrong?

    Is the FTC biting off more than it can chew in trying to regulate the internet, Broadcast, TV, Cable TV, Subscriber lines, Radio, what will be next, free speech? will you one day wake up to find that you can no longer express an opinion? When good men do not stand up to the oppressive […]

  • The Media’s Obsession for drama

    Is the Media becoming an obsessed and allegedly sick member of your family? In many ways, the idea that the media is becoming a dysfunctional mirror reality may be more true than you might want to believe. You watch the constant bombardment of Television commercials on Cable, Satellite, and Broadcast Television stations with themes ranging […]

  • FCC now can act when TV commercials are too loud.

    Will it make any difference, or will they just keep on doing what they want because this is really just an excuse to try to illegally, (allegedly) give powers to the Fcc that they do not have nor should they have. Since 1960 reports have been coming into the FCC, allegedly, but nothing has ever […]