Can President Obama Win?

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If you listen to the liberal media allegedly no one can win the election except for President Obama and no one should even try to win except for the ones that they think will loose, allegedly that is some pretty seriously insulting alleged bias.

The thing is what if its true?

What if the media is only supporting one canidate is that fair and is that right?

Should the media be supporting only one canidate in fact should the media be supporting any canidate at all?

When the media begins to take a side in a nation where about half the people are for one party and half are for the other, it seems like this should not be something that should happen in a free nation.

Should congress pass a law prohibiting the media from publically displaying bias for one presidential canidate or another?

The truth might be closer to that fact than anyone ever though possible, in the past the media was impartial or at least partially impartial.

Recently though we have seen some issues, that could be allegedly something to consider.


Should congress pass a law forbiding a media organization from supporting a canidate using Television and or Video to supply that canidate with free publicity?

So the question remains, if the media were prohibited from unfairly supporting one canidate over another one, in an attempt to influence the election process, if the media were stopped from unfairly supporting a canidate, could President Obama still win?

That might be a very interesting situation to have a close look at.