Tag: Sad Thing

  • News you may never hear?

    What is going on in the Popular or Unpopular News media should really be classified as subversive behavior even being a traitor, to the constitution and the People, yet the media with impunity publish or refuse to publish what they want, they do the people a great dis service. The media make a lot of […]

  • Can the World trust American Elections?

    America has for many years been at the heart of spreading democracy, it has been the icing on the cake for many nations and it has worked for many more nations. However there are problems in this system that has been more public than ever before, large numbers of voters, that may or may not […]

  • Fox news “The Wizard of OZ”

    You often see various different personalities on the news, often they are attractive blonds, or attractive guys, (depends on your point of view) The thing is, too often it really seems to sound the same, they have these screens that prompt them to say what they are told to say by small minded, (allegedly) men […]

  • Will the Stock Market Crash?

    Will the stock market crash now that we have a proven leader that will not work with the congress? It is possible but not likely and here is why, the stock market runs on greed, its sad but true, if 99 investors decide to move their money away from the market, (probably a good decision) […]

  • Benghazi a loss of Life and loss of leadership

    In what is quickly becoming a very hot topic, Benghazi is the best picture of what a weak foreign policy will do for any nation in the world, the truly sad thing is that America has become the prime example of how weakness breeds contempt in your enemies.

  • Three card monty the media and the truth

    30 years ago I was writing for a college newspaper, we used to have a standard that we believed in that standard has over the years disappeared, it has been eroded, and it has been been destroyed. When it comes to delivering on the promise of providing a truthful and unbiased news transaction the media […]

  • No more Free Speech

    [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”50″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Chick Fil A..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]   Who would have ever thought that the champions for freedom of Speech would one day deny that same right to everyone… If your like a lot of people your sitting there right now with your mouth hanging open… Your sitting there and your thinking what are they talking […]

  • Will Ron Paul derail

    Will Ron Paul derail the chance for the republicans to win if he chooses to run as an independent? It is possible but you have to wonder if the man really loves this country and respects the process, (if you dont win as a republican) The idea that you can get a second chance as […]

  • Steve Forbes attacks Social Security?

    IN a fox news story, this morning Steve Forbes seems to be making an argument that those that are sick and disabled do not deserve to have benefits paid out from social security when they paid into the system and paid for the insurance, so what is going on with this type of mentality, well […]

  • judge jenny?

    Should people be making comments about an ongoing murder case where the opinion of the public could be influenced? Should fox news be doing this?   They talk about reading body language, and getting all these personal opinions from these talking heads that frankly are obnoxious at best and at worse they are just play […]