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  • America

    In a nice email we received the following… You know it is time, time to stand up for what you believe, time to vote, get out and vote them out. Dear Patriot, I would first like to thank the thousands of great Patriots who have supported our campaigns. Thanks to you, we are now one […]

  • 911 Memorial Ten years later

    Today we sadly remember a time before terrorism as I sit here is a cheap hotel room in the very same city I was in on that day ten years ago, I look around and see places that used to do business in this city and now are out of business, the grass on many […]

  • Bill oreilly insults Republicians, Sarah Palin and Pot smokers…

    You know what, Ol Bill is just not the same… Lying with wolves, or should that be dancing with wolves, or wait, its a tree, no its a plane no its super man, ok, yes, we all know this is a joke right, but you know it really seems like Bill is no longer a […]

  • Tea Party marks wins in many races…

    This just in folks the Tea party has secured several more victories, contrary to the state run media outlets, that have been known to allegedly not tell the whole truth about most any subject including the color of the sky at any given time of day or night. So in at least one very wrong […]

  • Towing company sues

    Slap, you lost my pants, I will just slap you with a million dollar pants lawsuit, slap… Sounds ignorant, right, you bet you… Well imagine, this, you park, you know just for a second, and come out of a store, and your car is gone but it is not stolen, no it has been towed, […]