No more Jobs?

Americans are concerned about the NLRB and its radical agenda to cause poverty and loss of jobs. 

You might wonder what they are up to and why they seem so set on destroying more jobs, its simple really if you have two people working for a total of 20.00 per hour, Ten dollars per hour per person. 

If we see the changes proposed, there will be one person with a great paying hourly job, but sadly the number of hours available to work will be much less. 

You see what is happening in the marketplace, the more these progressives attempt to play God the less jobs there are. 

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is at it again.

You may remember that in 2011, after Big Labor’s Card Check Forced Unionism Bill stalled in Congress, the NLRB proposed a “card check lite” scheme — also known as ambush elections — to grease the skids to force workers under union-boss control.

When the NLRB solicited comments about the proposed rule from the public, I sounded the alarm to Right to Work supporters like you.

Over 65,000 comments poured in — the vast majority against the proposed scheme.

In fact, after only 17,000 comments had been filed, one former Board member told the press that he hasn’t seen the public turn up the heat on the NLRB like that in almost 40 years.

But despite the firestorm of protest, the Obama Labor Board went ahead with the scheme anyway.

The two former union lawyers who then composed a majority of the Board were so desperate to ram through the rule, they didn’t even bother to let the dissenting Board Member vote, so the radical rule change was struck down in federal court.

Now, with a fully-stocked NLRB, they’re gearing up to impose the radical rule change once again and have set a deadline to receive comments by Monday, April 7.

I want to flood the NLRB with your petitions and comments and even smash your record-breaking outcry from three years ago. 

The NLRB’s proposed new election guidelines are designed to make union certification elections as one-sided as possible by:

** Encouraging union operatives to conduct stealth organizing campaigns for months or even years until they collect “union authorization cards” from just 30 percent of the workforce;

** Ambushing the rest of the workforce with quick-snap elections just days after union organizers turn the cards in to the NLRB;

** Denying workers sufficient time to counter union-boss propaganda, educate themselves and coworkers about the effects of unionization and organize in opposition to the union;

** Forcing companies to hand over to union organizers the name, address, phone number, e-mail address and shift schedule of each employee, exposing workers to “home visits” and other intimidation tactics.

In fact, if union bosses get wind of the possibility that they could even lose an ambush election, the new rules would allow them to withdraw their petition but save the personal contact information of each worker for a full-scale card check campaign at a later date. 


Federal labor law is supposedly intended to help workers protect their rights. 

But the biased and ideologically-charged Obama Labor Board has turned into an organizing tool for Big Labor.

It’s bad enough that federal law gives union bosses monopoly bargaining and forced-dues power over workers. 

Secret ballot elections, with enough time for workers to collect and share truthful information about unionization, at least provide workers the ability to make an informed, private choice for themselves.

That’s why Foundation staff attorney William Messenger recently testified before Congress about the dangers of these quick-snap elections.

Foundation staff attorneys also believe that the radical rule change remains vulnerable to litigation even if the NLRB follows proper procedure this time.

But first, I want to send a strong and clear message to the NLRB and shine a spotlight on its overreach.

So please click here to sign your petition opposing the NLRB’s ambush elections scheme.

I’ll deliver your petitions to the NLRB, in addition to the formal comments the Foundation will submit.


I’m counting on you today to help me flood the NLRB with petitions opposing their ambush election scheme.


And after you’ve signed your petition, I hope you consider chipping in with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more today.


Your support allows the Foundation to devote the resources we need to expose these behind-the-scenes maneuvers in the press and challenge them in court.


But most importantly, please sign your petition at once.





The world is on fire and you dont know it?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you ended up being the last one to know something had happened in the world that would change your life?

What if there was a flood and no one bothered to report it?

The idea that the media cannot be trusted to report the news is something that up until the last 20 years was something that only crackpots thought about, but how things have changed.

For instance, there are reports coming out now that it is very possible that the United States Armed Forces, could have saved the lives of our fallen men that died in Libya.

Have you see this one the news? 

Probably not, if your reading this for the first time, then there are a lot of things you probably never heard before.

These days it seems that the media not only do not report the actual news they make the news up…

You may not know that many people are turning to the internet to see different views on world events, simply because some chowder-head producer and liberal station owners, censor the news so that you never see what they do not want you to see, (sounds like a good movie right,) the only problem is that its true.

If Europe were on fire or the middle east were having serious problems, you might never learn about it if you watch many of the biased news companies, (hint most of them have three letters)  there are so many issues with news companies that do not report the news…

Take a recently published news story where the reporters made up evidence against a suspect.

   Does that sound bad to you? 

It should because it happen in Florida this year.

Did you hear about it on the news?

No, you probably did not, because, when reporters break the rules they mostly don’t report the facts behind criminal activities by reporters, why is that you might be asking , well that is a very good question because the story above is not fictional it is factual, no charges were filed against the reporters, in fact they did not even loose their jobs. 

The truth is what reporting should be about, not making up evidence against what might be an innocent man.

The issues we face these days are complicated, but the people you trust to bring you the news are as important as the news is because if the news media cannot be trusted to report the news when you need information you may not ever hear about the most important news stories in the world.

Question, the news media because what you don’t know can hurt you more than you realize.






Maxine Waters?

So this is the hope and the change that we voted for?

If it is not then where is that leader?

I am sad to say that I did vote for hope and change, but not the hope and change of only 10 percent of the American people, the other 90 percent of the American people for some reason seem to have a very different idea of what constitutes hope and change, but you know what this is not hope and this is not change this is hate.

Is Maxine Waters, a nice person?

Would you want someone like this speaking for you?

Does hate, make it ok?

Received in an email, (may not be the opinion of the administrator or website owners)

Dear Patriot,

On Friday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D – Los Angeles) continued the left’s assault on the Tea Party by saying that we can “go straight to hell.” While this is certainly an egregious escalation of the left’s attempts to silence us, the Tea Party must continue to focus on activism. The more the left can get us to remove our focus from the issues that matter, the more they’ll be able to get away with!

This is why our grassroots efforts are more important now than ever! In the last week, we’ve sent over 62,000 letters to Congress urging them to support Rep. Connie Mack’s (R-FL) “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.” This bill, H.R. 1848, will cut 1% of the federal budget each year for the next six years. By 2018, it will install a cap on federal spending, limiting it to just 18% of GDP. By 2019, the federal government will have a balanced budget and a spending cap. We will have cut up Washington’s credit card and forced them to live within their means!

This is an area where we can make a HUGE difference. We’ve sent over 850,000 letters to Congress on various issues, and Congress has taken notice. Activism is at the core of the Tea Party movement, and you can take just a few moments to make an impact. We cannot let the left’s attacks deter us from taking our country back!

We have an opportunity to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, and when we flood Congress with letters, the politicians start to wake up. You can use our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your elected representatives and tell them to put America on the path to a balanced budget by supporting Connie Mack’s “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.”

We cover the costs of using the petition system, and a contribution is not required to participate, but your generous donations allow us to continue to offer this service free-of-charge to all Americans!
Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer


The Racist Card?

You know, the title here says it all, there are times, when out of respect to the past and the future, we should allow old wounds to heal, but every once in a while someone steps over the line and that is just sad really because so much has changed, over the last ten years.


Are we all racist now?

There are still things that will never change, but that does not give us the license to play games with the truth, it is better to be thought a fool sometimes, than to remove all doubt.

Dear Patriot,
We're used to baseless personal attacks, but every once in a while it really gets under my skin. This time, I'm flat out angry. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) once again said that if we oppose this President's historic spending spree, it's because we're motivated by prejudice. She claims that if we don't want to raise taxes while passing mountains of debt to our children, then it's because we're racists.  (really, were all racist?)

Well guess what? I'm not going to stand for this. I know that you oppose raising the debt ceiling because these soaring deficits are devaluing the dollar, because our children should not be forced to fund today's government overreach, and because maybe, just maybe, the government should live within its means!

Here is what I propose: I want to let Sheila Jackson Lee know that we will not stand for this! We oppose any debt increase without REAL and substantial spending cuts because we want what's best for OUR country, unlike Rep. Jackson Lee along with her friends in Congress and the White House who only want to do what's best for their union and special interest cronies at the expense of our children and grandchildren!

Starting Monday, we're going to launch a full on blitz, asking Conservatives across the country – and in her district – to flood her office with faxes and calls telling her that we oppose her and the President not because of the color of their skin, but because they're wrong!

We'll send you more details about how you can help us flood her office, but we need your help right now to fund these efforts. If you're as angry as I am, please help us tell Sheila Jackson Lee that we won't stand for this any longer by making a donation –HERE–

This may be the last opportunity to save America from an agenda of Hate and Evil, Cowards that threaten the American way of life, if you have been on the fence about donating a small amount because you were not sure about what to do now is the time, we need your help even if it is only a few dollars, 5, 10 even 12, dollars, at a time, becuase this may be the last chance you ever have to freely give voice to your opinions, because if the Democrats in the White house have their way, you would be a racist and that is just not true.

Please consider a donation, even just $5.00 would help

Thank you for your support.


Did the Army Core of Engineers Play God?

Will we find a way to survive after the mistakes of Washington in managing our natural resources?

More alleged mistakes may create a “horror show” for food production in the US, this could be a disaster worse than any seen in more than 100 years, (allegedly)


Did this really happen, did they choose to flood farm land the millions of people were depending upon for food this fall?

Did they really think that they could play God with nature and win?

How Stupid can you get folks, this is why we must vote those Idiots out of office they cannot be permitted to stay in power simply because they think they know more than anyone but they really know less than everyone…

The results were that they managed to drop the water level by one foot, give or take an inch, what idiots they must be, what school did they attend I want to know so I can avoid ever sending a child to that school because obviously the idoits that did this were too stupid to figure out what was going to happen as a result of their alleged incompetence, they need to resign or be fired because they have caused starvation, they have caused death they have caused evil in the land and they do not even know it yet.

The final results may not be known for a few weeks but already we can see some very dire predictions that could cause the cost of grains to skyrocket and even worse is the fact that the Supreme court had the opportunity to take action and failed in their duties to protect citizens of the State of Missouri and now possibly even states to the south of this fiasco.

This is just nothing short of the most allegedly ignorant and stupid thing that we have ever seen and the end result of this madness might be that you could find yourself paying $4.00 for a loaf of bread due to a shortage of crops all for what?

Tell me that, what did these jerks do that saved the day?

How did blowing up protections that had been in place for years to protect the people and those states south of Missouri don’t forget that because there may indeed be a link between that action and the floods in southern stats.

How stupid do you have to be to do this kind of thing?

It is just so difficult to understand the allegedly Wrong headed thoughts that must go through someones mind when they begin to play God.  What are they thinking do they think that they can change history?

Do they think that they are smarter than every engineer that came before them?

Do they really think that they are all that and more?

This is what they got, this is what you get when you play God.

The opinions and or representations in this video are not necessarily those of this website view this video at your own risk but it is interesting to say the least play God and see what happens.



fox and friends

Fox and Friends not really about hard news?

Ok this morning we got up and had some coffee and then we wanted to catch up on the news, you know the real stories of the day, what is happening in the flood revenged states, what is going on over in the areas where fighting continues every day.

But Fox and friends, let the 8 AM news segment with Arnold.

Really that is what you really want to lead the news segment off with Arnold and his love child.

Amazing, you know what I did, I turned the channel, because this is not news, it is scandal, gossip, and garbage, this show used to be well produced but what happened, are the producers now allegedly smoking crack in the control booth?

I have to really question what is going on with this garbage new segment I have lost the respect I used to have for this news show, it is really all about really just dumb stuff, no real news, well good luck with that I am no longer interested in a show that has a focus of non news.

I used to think that Fox news was a decent new show, but something has happened to them over the last two years, they are just not as good as they used to be, hope they figure it all out before they become like NBC with no viewers and the worst producers in the world.

They used to say no news is good news, but this is really getting a little on the strange side.

Is this an indication that the news as we know it is dieing, slowly and completely if the producers of Fox and Friends have anything to say about it, What is interesting to me is this, in order to get news that I want to get, I have to go to bing, or some other search engine, Google no longer seems to be able to produce a good search result along with the very real fact that when you have to go to the internet in order to get any kind of news at all then what does that say about Broadcast TV…

911 Aarp aclu arlen spector arrogant america bad health care Barbara Wa Wa biased fox news

Arnold, and the end of days movie.

With the prediction of the end of days, being the result of an elderly man who allegedly is likely senile, much of the media is contending in ways that would seem to be hostile to all Christians, which is sort of disappointing.

Really I guess with everything that is going on in the world when you have a story about Arnold being the biggest story, you must be joking right, we have historic flooding that could be a 120 year flood and the big media news story is Arnold, really that is really funny, I could care less.

I like Arnold, and if anyone is really surprised that a man had a hard time being one of the most successful Actors of his generation, really that is just funny.

So what is next will we start taking about how Tiger Woods is the big news story of the day…

What next is the great news story going to be about bozo the clown?