Maxine Waters?

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So this is the hope and the change that we voted for?

If it is not then where is that leader?

I am sad to say that I did vote for hope and change, but not the hope and change of only 10 percent of the American people, the other 90 percent of the American people for some reason seem to have a very different idea of what constitutes hope and change, but you know what this is not hope and this is not change this is hate.

Is Maxine Waters, a nice person?

Would you want someone like this speaking for you?

Does hate, make it ok?

Received in an email, (may not be the opinion of the administrator or website owners)

Dear Patriot,

On Friday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D – Los Angeles) continued the left’s assault on the Tea Party by saying that we can “go straight to hell.” While this is certainly an egregious escalation of the left’s attempts to silence us, the Tea Party must continue to focus on activism. The more the left can get us to remove our focus from the issues that matter, the more they’ll be able to get away with!

This is why our grassroots efforts are more important now than ever! In the last week, we’ve sent over 62,000 letters to Congress urging them to support Rep. Connie Mack’s (R-FL) “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.” This bill, H.R. 1848, will cut 1% of the federal budget each year for the next six years. By 2018, it will install a cap on federal spending, limiting it to just 18% of GDP. By 2019, the federal government will have a balanced budget and a spending cap. We will have cut up Washington’s credit card and forced them to live within their means!

This is an area where we can make a HUGE difference. We’ve sent over 850,000 letters to Congress on various issues, and Congress has taken notice. Activism is at the core of the Tea Party movement, and you can take just a few moments to make an impact. We cannot let the left’s attacks deter us from taking our country back!

We have an opportunity to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, and when we flood Congress with letters, the politicians start to wake up. You can use our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your elected representatives and tell them to put America on the path to a balanced budget by supporting Connie Mack’s “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.”

We cover the costs of using the petition system, and a contribution is not required to participate, but your generous donations allow us to continue to offer this service free-of-charge to all Americans!
Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer