Political theatre

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You watch the news these days and your like to hear something that will offend your intelligence.

But you watch as much as you can stand of it which most days is not much at all.

The thing here that is so telling is the bias factor. 

They are always talking about “Oh, such and such republican candidate is entering this already crowded, republican field” Then you hear them say,

“Can they actually be elected?

What kind of reporting is that?

When you frame the candidate in a light that is not flattering and then you take that biased additional step saying can they do anything, are they able to do anything?

Poor republican candidate they can’t do nothing… ???

Now that is fractious of course but its also tiresome, that kind of ignorant Jedi Mind Trick may work on the weak minds of the mindless but those people are not going to be voting anyway.

So exactly whom are those digging comments directed at anyway?

Kind of makes you wonder huh…