Mississippi election overturned?

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This might be something that hits the news late in the season.

The truth about how elections in this nation may not be all they appear to be and it could bring about a huge change in what has been happening in this nation for many years.

Elections may not be democratic at all.

What would happen if it were discovered that more than 10,0000 votes in an election that was decided by only a few hundred valid votes…

What would happen to the election process that has for many years been “setup” invalid votes could become a huge issue.

America has for years preached about how everyone needs to have an election, they had one in Iraq.

How can we expect other nations to respect the American and democratic process of voting, if in America there really is no such thing as a fair election?

Think about that for a moment, what if our elections are just as flawed and “dirty” as many of the third world elections that are often protected as fake.

Fake Elections.

Created by fraud and dirty tricks that leave voters wondering if their vote really does count or if it is up to some 70 year old man who may have decided to do “anything” to win.

What if someone decided that its time to stop the voting corruption in America.

Stop the Corruption and make it right…

What will the media say?

We already know that they will say nothing because they will not cover it.

They will refuse to promote it, they are as guilty as those thugs you see in third world nations that beat voters they know vote a certain way, yet those voters vote anyway.

They vote knowing they may die or be beaten until they wish they were dead.

They vote anyway.

Because it is the right thing to do.

The question you have to ask yourself is
a simple one.

What would you do to stop the corruption of Evil Men in political office who cheat and lie and steal and do anything at all to win elections.

Perhaps it is time that the media begin to do its job or be replaced with real media reporting agencies that will not join in cheating this nation and those around the world who sacrifice all just to have the right to vote.

This year you have to make a choice, will you do the right thing and vote?

Will you sit on your couch and examine your fingernails while others decide what will happen next in this 2014 election?

It is time to decide who we are as a nation…

Vote or by your silence decide that your vote does not count.