Gay Judge prop 8

Judge that banned prop 8 was he Gay?

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Wrong, that is what this is, it is a decision based on political fodder this guy needs to step down because he has a dog in this fight.

There is a report that allegedly the judge that did this was allegedly Gay, now if this is true then that judge needs to be disbarred, he has acted improperly.

This is wrong, in the same way that it would not be right if a judge decided a custody hearing in favor of the same sex.

Because he had an improper interest in this case this if true, is the worst case of malfeasance I have ever heard about in regard to jurisprudence.

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Gay judge allegedly has a conflict of interest?

Here is the thing more than 7 million people voted for this and it was not only the will of the American people but it is the law.

This is wrong, this judge, had an alleged conflict of interest and this should not have taken place.