judge in Zimmerman trial out of order?

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Is the judge in the Zimmerman trial mentally unfit for the adjudication of this case?

Will Zimmerman be convicted because of the actions of this judge?

Is that fair, should a judge be behaving in this way at all?

There are some serious questions about the mental health of this judge.

The hostile exchange began when Judge Debra Nelson asked Zimmerman if he planned to testify.

Essentially, Judge Nelson told Zimmerman he had the “absolute right to remain silent” but then proceeded to demand he answer her questions interrogation-style while silencing his lawyers.

Defense attorney Don West twice objected to Nelson’s interrogation, prompting the judge to raised her voice and exclaim, “Your objection is overruled!” in a manner more befitting of an angry parent lecturing a child than a legal professional.

Both of Zimmerman’s lawyers appeared shocked as attorney Mark O’Mara asked under his breath, “what is going on?”

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