Hard Truths in Georgia

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The truth about what is happening in Georgia should be easy to understand.  If you have ever lived in Georgia you know that what the video below states is true.

They provide busses to transport voters to the polls.

Is that wrong, No not really but it is a little on the dishonest side, not because of what you might think but because the democrats just do not care about those that they are taking advantage of.

If the democrats really did care, would things not have changed?

The last Thirty years the democrats have over and over again made capaign promises, they have “talked” about how their opponets have not helped, all the while knowing that once the election is over they will do what ever they want to do.

Why is that?

When you make a promise and you break it is there not going to be a consquence?  Sure, there is for everyone else except for a politician.

If you go to work and you say yes I will complete the tasks for which you hired me and then you just did not do those things, what is going to eventually happen?

Right your going to get fired.

Well its time to fire some people and its time to stop hiring fools and liars.   These people do not care about you and its time that you realized that they are just players.



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