Georgia illegal election?

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It should come as no surprise that there are serious problems going on in Atlanta Ga!

But you are not likely going to be seeing any of this information in the Media, not on Facebook, Not on Twitter, Not on the MSM news!

The Secretary of State in Georgia along with democrats changed the election rules in regard to absentee ballots but there is a problem!

Allegedly they did not have the authority to do this!

This may be one reason why the so called and alleged fake recount may not deliver the actual voting results for the Georgia Presidential Election!

The voters of the State of Georgia have been allegedly hoodwinked or at the very least the bypassing of Georgia established laws by politicians not legislators could have created a situation whereby absentee ballots were handled differently than what the laws of the State of Georgia were created.

Here are the Real Facts, regardless of how many Fake Fact Checkers show up to lie about it.

This is the Truth.

The Secretary of State in a Litigation Settlement changed the rules established by State Law.

O.C.G.A 21-2-31 (2)

See More information about this below including a source link.

They changed the rules to allow absentee ballots to be handled differently than the current law states must be followed.

The Secretary of State allegedly did not have the
Authority to do this!

This is why a lawsuit has been filed against the Secretary of State and it is the reason why we are seeing this so called Fake Recount that is really nothing but an alleged slap in the face for the many thousands of Georgia voters who have not had their votes count!

What is going on in Georgia is really bad both for Democrats and Republicans alike.

It should not matter that a Georgia voter is for one party or another the people of Georgia deserve to be represented by the election law established by the state of Georgia and not an alleged (backroom deal) arrived in error by persons not authorized to act in the way that they acted.

If you are currently living in Georgia you should be seriously concerned about what is going on in Atlanta.

Call your congressmen and senators because it matters how this allegedly illegal deal effected the ability of actors to subvert the canvass and election process.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit that seeks to right the bad behavior of political agents that allegedly had no right to subvert the election process.