Fox news allows false narrative on orlando shootings

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Early in the news cycle today Fox news allowed a fox news contributor to compare the horrible shootings in Orlando FL, to be compared to and eluding to white supremacists incidents recently, it appeared that the intent was to create the illusion that the shooter in the Orlando night club was a white man.

This was before any information was available about who the shooter was. 

This is the worst kind of reporting spouting garbage without any kind of evidence at all. 

Why do the media seem so interested in identifying someone as white when they are not white at all. 

Why do we allow the media to get away with reporting the news in a political way without any vetting at all.

What really seems interesting is how the media seem to just want to jump to conclusions without investigating the news story first.

Why do they do that?

Why do they continue to do it even after they have been caught inciting riots?

The simple truth may be that the media do not care about your safety.

They only care about creating drama.

That is a huge issue and it is really scary that the media do not want to change how corrupt they are.