vote supression

Florida election corruption

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There are reports from many different sources that indicate that there are serious problems when it comes to elections in some areas of Florida…

This is a problem for many good reasons but what is really scary is the idea that no one admits that there is a problem.

Even when faced with video evidence of fraud and ballot box stuffing…

They deny it.

We are not just talking about local election officials but the top administrators at the state level.

This is wrong and it must stop.

The voter has a duty to vote and the people have done their duty it is now time for the state to do its duty and prosecute those people who are responsible for criminal acts against the state and its people.

This time may be different.

( – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of election fraud, and although she refused to go into detail, she said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, at her direction, is conducting interviews.  Source. 


Where are the missing votes?

in the trash can that is where they are (alleged voting fraud in Broward Co Florida)

vote supression

So when will the law be followed?

When will election officials that are corrupt be prosecuted?

The truth is something that is evident to anyone who will

be honest about what is going on.

Yet, what we see over and over again from the media is

There is no proof.  Well, this time there is proof but will Bondi do anything about it?

That is the real question here.

Will Pam Bondi do anything about the corruption in FloriDUH>