corruption in the Senate

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This year will be one of the greatest and most pivotal election in this nations history and it is even possible that America as you know it today may not make it.

We tend to believe that America is impervious to failure. 

It should be however the Romans also thought this way as well. 


The news story listed just above and below this line of text is something that makes you wonder and for many Americans it creates a sleepless state of consciouniousness.

While parts of the nation braced for Winter Storm Jonas, Senate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Connell was busy preparing the way for a proposal on the floor that had many concerned.

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force, written by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is packaged as a proposal to fight the Islamic State group — but it would also allow the president to deploy military forces anywhere he chooses and for as long as he wants.

Simply put, the AUMF “would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy,” according to Defense One.

While this might seem like Mitch McConnell, has lost his mind and actually that may be more true than anyone might want to believe.

It is truly time that these old moss back politicians begin to retire, Mitch may be next in line to find himself perhaps  looking for a new job.