CIA interrogation

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Imagine you are at war and you know what will happen if one of the soldiers under your command gets captured behind enemy lines.

We know what they do to our people.

If you somehow do not know or have not heard, they are decapitating Americans.

So it sort of makes you wonder what the media are doing when they advocate releasing details about what we do to protect our nation from our enemies.


When was the last time you saw the Russians or the Chinese publishing what they do to captured enemies.

What you mean they don’t do that?

Again this is not play time on the play ground.

For many years we have prepared our soldiers using enhanced interrogation methods.

Yes, we do it to our own people, Why?

Because no matter how bad the media might think this is, it is nothing compared to what actually will happen should one of our brave protectors find themselves behind enemy lines.

No sane nation releases this kind of information because it is not something that you do on a regular basis.

No one does this, unless you’re a Democrat like this woman.