CIA Feinstein knew everything…

So when it politically popular allegedly Feinstein approved of and knew what was happening but now is trying to throw the CIA under the bus.

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Media fails

It should come as no surprise that the recent controversial and perhaps even reckless release of a “one sided” report on interrogation of bad people.

The Media does not tell the entire story because they want to push an agenda.

They say words like the Senate report, (however they forget to tell you ) that this is not a Senate report this is a democratic report.

The report, if you can call it that is not accurate and it is filled with contentious and perhaps even false information.

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Partisan Politics and the CIA

What we have seen develop over the last three weeks that culminated in a serious disparity of the truth.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation policy during the Bush years, which has finally been made public.

The problem is that the report is one sided and could actually be a criminal matter…

This is a big problem not only from an intelligence standpoint but also because it creates a huge issue with regard to the truth.

The report was not an official report, simply because it was all one sided designed to distract the american public from the more serious issues that we face with a lack of leadership in washington.


The release in 2009 of a report (from 2004) by its Inspector General. Eric Holder used the report as a pretext for appointing a special counsel to look into the possibility of bringing criminal charges against CIA interrogators. To my knowledge, no charges were brought, but CIA personnel who helped protect America in a time of great danger had to lawyer-up again (the DOJ had already considered bringing charges once) and endure a politically motivated inquisition.

Now, they must endure a report from Dianne Feinstein and her fellow Democrats that is more about excusing Feinstein and others from their sign-off on what the CIA did than about presenting the truth.

This is a big problem that is not going to go away.

No one publishes this kind of intelligence because everyone does this and our enemies do worse to our citizens.

The truth here is that this woman could be a traitor to our nation and action should be taken to investigate her motivations for doing this.


CIA interrogation why now?

You have to ask the question why would an outgoing officer sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States of America release damaging information and you also have to ask if this is a criminal act…

Think about that for a moment, is Dianne Feinstein,  committing a criminal action by doing something that she would not likely have done had she remained in the position that she has enjoyed for many years now.

When you begin to examine this action you have to begin to think about the repercussions and the opportunity in the future for criminal charges and actions that could be defined as criminal in the near future.

This is very disturbing considering what this woman has done in the past and what she may be planning to do in the near future.

Is this woman committing a crime?

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CIA interrogation

Imagine you are at war and you know what will happen if one of the soldiers under your command gets captured behind enemy lines.

We know what they do to our people.

If you somehow do not know or have not heard, they are decapitating Americans.

So it sort of makes you wonder what the media are doing when they advocate releasing details about what we do to protect our nation from our enemies.


When was the last time you saw the Russians or the Chinese publishing what they do to captured enemies.

What you mean they don’t do that?

Again this is not play time on the play ground.

For many years we have prepared our soldiers using enhanced interrogation methods.

Yes, we do it to our own people, Why?

Because no matter how bad the media might think this is, it is nothing compared to what actually will happen should one of our brave protectors find themselves behind enemy lines.

No sane nation releases this kind of information because it is not something that you do on a regular basis.

No one does this, unless you’re a Democrat like this woman.