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There is justice at least there will be justice performed in the case of Bowe, Bergdahl who until now was under suspicion of having deserted his post.

To most soldiers there is one thing that is worse than desertion and that is being a traitor to your oath to protect and defend the United States of America.

It is a shame and a stain on a mans word and family.

When you swear to protect and defend and you fail to do that then there is justice that comes and that justice is most always swift and true.

In this case we have seen political foolishness take place.

No matter, justice will be done, the truth will be provided to the American People.   What is interesting here is What will the Liberal Slobs that run some of the most suspect media outlets do now?

What will they do, because that is something to consider.

The media played a game and they tried to insinuate that the men who served with Bowe bergdahl, were lying when they said that the man deserted his post.

I wonder where those cowards are today?

You know those media clowns, who besmirched the honor of honest and valiant fighting men all for what?

We might never know for sure but one thing seems clear some big mistakes were made.  There was a huge mistake committed, the question might well be was it just an accident?

I think the answer to that is likely yes.

Someone did not do the background work on this situation, was it the right thing to do?

Probably not.

The truth now is that there is nothing that can un-ring that bell however the truth can come out about what this man did and how his actions led to consequences that honorable men had to pay the ultimate price.

Lest we forget…