Ballot counting at night?

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A huge problem exists with regard to what this video shows.

There are so many issues here yet the media say, nothing to see here!

They say hey we had a monitor there?

Really? What about Georgia State Laws?

Not Open to the Public, no Republican watchers, media absent!

It looks like there are no seals on the “suitcases” and multiple people touch the ballots.

What is really telling here is that they do not seem to be documenting anything they just grab boxes (suitcases) and go to town tabulating!

You can tell they appear to be in a hurry!

Watch this video so much is going wrong on all of these problems in the State of Georgia!

Yet, all they have to do is say “nothing to see here” ?

No, It is the duty of the Sec of State of Georgia to provide transparent valid evidence of where those ballots came from and what the security seal numbers were on those ballots!

But that might be difficult as it appears that there are no seals on those ballots! Additionally it looks like there is no identification on any of those ballot suitcases! Where did they come from? They were there for hours just feet from poll workers but they were hidden there!

So, you cannot tell what kind of ballots those were!
This Video Evidence Demands that the ballots shown in this Video must be validated!

As expected the Media and State officials from Georgia say that this is just fine no problems at all!

Which is just not a reasonable reaction to the oath of office that these people took and swore to do!

Georgia Election law requires that the ballots be done in the public’s View!

Violated in this Video!

Georgia Election Law requires that in partisan elections require one representative from each party represented in the election!

Violated in this video!

Georgia Election Law requires a chain of custody for ballots including a security seal signed by two people!

Additionally when the ballot container is opened two people are required to record the seal number and document that information on a form as required by State Election Laws!

Violated in this Video!

Additional paperwork that was not completed and numerous other alleged violations of Georgia Election Laws requires more than a partisan denial that seems to indicate either incompetence or malfeasance!

There is no valid explanation of the contents of this video and it is seriously concerning due to the fact that nothing in this video exonerates the duty of the sec of state of Georgia to avoid the appearance of impropriety!

The truth about this video is truly very clear to anyone who takes the time to see this video!

On Election night several states mysteriously stopped counting!

They somehow decided to just stop counting!

That is insane!

On Election night many people were asking why are they stopping the count of ballots?

Many Voters and Officials across the United States wanted to know the answer to the question of why they stopped counting ballots!

The Video shows what likely and allegedly happened in several states!

WE know what they did and there is a mountain of evidence!

No reasonable person could believe under any normal circumstance that the events depicted in this and other videos are normal and OK!

These election issues must be adjudicated!