Are Celebrities really this dumb?

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We often wonder how some of these celebrities manage to act on screen so convincingly when they tend to say some of the most ignorant things you can imagine.


The grand jury in Ferguson reached a decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Their decision came after spending three months reviewing evidence and listening to eyewitness testimony.  Their decision was not based on emotion, anger, or race. It was based on the facts. In fact, there were three black members of the community on the grand jury as well as testimony from black individuals that painted Brown as the attacker in the altercation.

But, that has not stopped countless celebrities from taking to the streets and to Twitter to express anger over the grand jury’s decision, with at least one celebrity advocating for the murder of Officer Wilson.

Were curious how these celebrities happen to know more than those on the grand jury and the entire law enforcement community in general.

It is interesting because of how the media and how the white house have sought to create coverage where none existed.

Now that the facts are in and we really do know what happened it is amazing how because the truth is clear that some of these liberal celebrities just do not like it.

It is the same way with the gun debate, these liberals go around talking about how they need to take all the guns away and then well all be safe, but they have armed guards to protect them and their families.

Its an ignorance thing and its time that people stop supporting these ignorant celebrities that get out there and “act stupidly”