Will President Trump do it?

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This seems to be the real question after months of Media Attacks and Smoke and mirror tactics.

When people in the White House leaks stories that turn out to be lies but the media only reports the lie and not the revealed truth which creates distrust between the Press and the American People.

When Members of Congress actively plot to resist the President on matters of State and matters that effect the People of the United States.

Will President Trump allow this illegal and unconstitutional behavior by the press and by members of the Senate that have in essence betrayed to the people who voted for them.

Will President Trump allow himself and by proxy the American People to be betrayed by the very people that have been elected to change what has proven to be wrong and what has created an America that looks like this.

This is the real Question.

President Trump has not been known to be a man who gives up on getting a job done.

In fact that has been his trademark in how he has created wealth and developed a company that generates profits and creates jobs.

The Media have attacked Candidate Trump and then they have attacked President Trump.

They seem oblivious that 70 percent of America is for what President Trump wants to do for this nation.

Americans are not stupid.

WE know what the Media are attempting to do and it is not going to work.

But again I think that the People are watching to see what happens.

To see what President Trump will do to stop the Media from lying to the people.

What will President Trump do to really Make America Great Again…

We believe in President Trump but we do not trust Congress that includes democrats and republicans alike.

This is another reason why Kid Rock will win when he runs because the American People are sick of being betrayed by congress.

It is time to back the people because it is for the people by the people not this sick twisted nightmare that congress is allowing to happen now.

They have all these endless hearings where they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

They have dog and pony shows but they fail to do anything to change what is going on.

They know what they are doing is wrong but they are still failing to do the right thing and the people are not clueless.

We know the truth and believe or don’t we will continue to send people to washington that will do the right thing and we will continue to do this until we see change.

Either get with the program or retire because were not going to just wait for you to finally do what you say that you will do.