Why the Media cannot be trusted

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Do the right thing…

Observe the Golden Rule. . .

Right and Wrong…

We know what right and wrong is.

Most people are decent law abiding and personally responsible people.

Some are not. 

We know this because of the way that we were raised. 

Sadly some are not raised up in the same way with the same values.

Honesty and Dishonesty are words that describe something that is easily understood.

When you see television programming that promotes dishonesty and bad behaviors that is something that the Media is doing and it is a very disturbing thing to see.

The media are in your home and on your child’s phone, did you know that many kids sleep with their phones?

Most of the time people are one or the other.

There really is no grey area or is there?

For the most part we know its wrong to steal. 

People do it anyway and they are not likely to change.

Why is the Media attempting to show things to your child that your parents would never have allowed?

The Battle is being waged for your child’s future and the Media are incessantly on the wrong side of this important issue.

Think about what you see on TV and what your children see on TV.

Murders, Rapes, 50 shades of horror in so many different combinations no wonder we have such problems with our youth.

So, how do you manage this problem…  ???

The real battle is in raising children to understand at an early age that some people are not going to do the right thing.

Some people are not going to consciously understand the difference between right and wrong.

Some people are not going to understand how their behavior effects your children and how they view their lives.

That is why it is so important to help children understand early on that IF they encounter someone that does not understand these differences then you really have one choice.

Stop the Association. 

Do not associate with people who take things that do not belong to them.

It can sound harsh to your child but trust me if you do not take the time as a parent to define these basic life examples then your child could pay a high price for that missed opportunity.

That price could translate to prison time.

Just because of the friends that your child chooses to relate to.

Notice we do not define any other standards here and that is intentional. 

(Race, color of skin, or any other factors involving who people are or who they choose to become) 

The simple truth here is that these issues transcend political interests, race, gender, beliefs and behaviors. 

If a person chooses to steal and chooses to lie instead of telling the truth and refuses to do the right thing when his or her friends call them on bad behavior then there really is only one solution and that is to stop association until and unless that person changes their chosen behavior.

(Sadly this means that most of the time those people who choose to behave badly continue to behave the same way)

But that is their choice and your choice as a parent or caregiver is to insure that child has every opportunity to succeed.

Sadly many of us have abandoned children in this area of life learning. 

It could be due to many different things, working long hours, being tired from working long hours, being selfish and engaging in behaviors that tend to show our child that in these circumstances perhaps were too busy.

That says a lot when you think about it, taking the time to teach children right from wrong and honesty from dishonesty can make or break that child as a person and that is something that we cannot afford to do.

Do the right thing…

Consider what the media are doing to your family and make the right decision.

don’t let the Media baby sit your kids because if you do there will be a price to be paid later on in life and that price will most certainly translate to a price so high that you would never consider it in any way shape or form.

You would never agree to anything that would threaten your child’s future but what are they really watching on TV?

What is the Media teaching them about life?

What is the Media doing introducing your children to commercials where sexuality is featured in a prominent yet tricky way that you barely notice.

All it takes is a slick camera pan and graphics that emphasize a model in the right place at the right time and you have allowed something to be imprinted into your child’s mind and your own mind as far as that goes.

How many times have you just really sat there and watched what commercials are doing?

Really watched what they are showing you?

Ever just sort of shook your head and thought why am I watching this?

Ever wonder just what it is that you are watching on TV because there are so many commercials that you literally forget what is playing on TV?

I want you to think seriously about that because it is not always the programming that is the danger.

The real Danger is those commercials that we sit through in a mind numbing stupor.

That is why you cannot trust The Media.