Why the Democrats Lost?

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Why did the democrats loose this election cycle?

Were they over confidant?

Were they convinced that they were right while the rest of the planet were wrong?

Are they sick?

Do they need mental help?

While it might be likely that some of them do need mental help the truth about the matter is that the democrats allowed their party to be hijacked by the far left of which many are prone to violence and mischief and apparently some of them are none too bright.

Not the sharpest tools in the shed…

Here is the thing about this election, if you go too far in one direction just like the laws of physics equal and opposite reactions can and will move the other way, Each Action has an equal and opposite reaction.

When you push too hard what comes back at you will eventually defeat you.

There are many things to admire about the democratic point of view and sadly more recently many things to dislike about them.

This is why many more americans are moving to an independent point of view because of this mentality of (its my way or the hi way) point of view of the democratic party, they exclude anyone that does not agree their their point of view and that is just wrong.

No one point of view is always correct.

The truth is a simple thing but some people have a difficult time recognizing that the truth does not have to be difficult.

Opinion is often different from person to person and that is ok.

The problem with opinion is when you begin to think that your way of thinking is the only way to think.

It has happened to the democrats and it has happened to the republicans.

It seems that more than often it happens more frequently than anyone would think.

If you go too far one way or the other history suggests that there is an equal  and opposite reaction that pushes back.

The only problem in this election cycle is that the democrats failed to recognize that the pendulum was moving in the wrong direction.