Where is the Science?

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We have seen a lot of different types of information that has been proffered up by the Media and by the Social Media…

Often if you are actually paying attention to what is being said you will begin to see a pattern.

That pattern can be somewhat disturbing if and when you begin to examine what the Media are actually saying.

When you see a report most of the time there is no evidence that accompanies the information that the media are saying is the truth.

In fact if you search on Google you will see hundreds of websites that are devoted to telling you why what they are saying is true and what others say is not truth.

Have you noticed that?

Another situation is that you will often see one doctor that the Media have picked to be the “poster child” for the point of view that they want to tell you is true.

So, you see a doctor on TV telling you using certain words that what they say is true and what others say is not true…

What is missing here?

The Science that is what is missing.

Even in high school and in colleges students see at least some of the science behind biology and human physiology.

It would in fact be impossible to leave that out of the teaching process and still have a student that would be capable of providing services as a doctor or health care provider in the future.

So, what should the average person do when it comes to discovering what is true and what is opinion and what is simply just politically inspired nonsense.

Look for the Science.

What is the number one thing that is missing from all of these reports about the Pandemic?

You might be scratching your head right now but believe it there is something that is extremely important that is totally missing from the point of view or opinion of most of the media right now.

The Fact that Natural Immunity is still the best defence against any viral pathology to the body.

In fact the biggest world wide pandemic began shortly before 1918 and was responsible for more than 50 million world wide deaths, (estimated) some say it was more than that.

Scientists estimate that 33 percent of the Population became infected.

There was a high mortality rate.

The exact rate is debatable more so among scientists.

However somewhere between 1.9 and 2.6 appears to be what most scientists believe is close to accurate with the average being 2.5 percent.

Now those statistics would seem to be quite horrible and it was certainly very bad indeed however What if you look at it differently.

IF 33 percent of the population was infected.

That means that 67 percent of the population either did not contract the illness or they had such a mild case that the question of natural immunity has to be discussed as a conditional remedy that eventually reduced the efficacy of the virus.

So of the 33 percent of the population that did have a severe illness or moderately severe roughly 2.5 percent of those people died.

Add those up …

Yes, check it to see if you have it right, well wait.

30.5 percent survived.

plus 67 percent…

That means that in the three years of the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

97.5 Percent of all persons on the planet Survived.


This was what many scientists refer to as the mother of all pandemics.

The most deadly.

The most virulent.

People either got it or they did not and it did not matter how many wore masks.

It did not matter how many hid out in the basement or the Attic.

They either got it or they did not.

What is being left out of the Opinions that you see on TV now is that like the 1918 pandemic people are getting it even if they have had the vaccine.

Even if they wear a mask everywhere.

Even if they hid in their basement or attic.

Are you beginning to see what this tells us about how Science is being left out of the equation by the Media?

By all the measurable scientific evidence the current “pandemic” is not as bad as the 1918 pandemic.

In fact the survival rate is higher than in 1918.

Another thing to consider here is the fact that in 1918 there was no vaccine.

None, NADA, Nothing.

What this means is that Natural Immunity is still the best science based outcome that we have in terms of study and prevalence.

Naturally no one wants to be part of the percentage of people who die.

But with an acknowledged survival rate of between
98.6 and 99.75

The mortality rate is quite low.

In many cases it is less than three tenths of one percent.

0.25 percent.

This is what one percent looks like.

1.0 percent

Yes, it is terrible that so many have lost their lives and most people by now know someone or know of a friend of someone that has died because of this pandemic.

However it is also important to look at the science and to understand that when the media fail to show you the truth they are not doing so because they love you.

Never in history medical or science or statistically has there been an attempt to force people to be vaccinated.

There is a reason why this is important.

Even with the polio vaccine the level of vaccinated never reached anywhere near 100 percent.

Scientifically speaking to attempt to force 100 percent of the population to be vaccinated when over 90 percent of that population is naturally immune would be the greatest scientific stupidity in history.

This is what happens when the often clueless and uneducated media begin to try to lie to you about everything to further an agenda that only they know about.

Do not let the missing science mislead you into believing a lie when the truth is so much better for you in the long run.


This publication is not against approved vaccination in those persons who need to be vaccinated using an approved (not experimental) vaccine.

We are merely pointing out that persons with natural immunity do not need to be vaccinated.

In fact scientifically speaking here.

IF 100 percent of the population were to be vaccinated.

Including those with the natural immunity.

The result could be extremely bad for the future of a virus where the natural immune factor were removed from the equation.

Back to 1918 for a moment.

Today we have evidence that natural immunity lead to a reduction of mortality in all future cases of the flu.

Eventually leading to the flu being very much less deadly that is was in 1918.

What might happen if that natural immunity were removed artificially.

You might see a 70 percent infection rate with a 5 to 12 percent mortality rate. It could very well be even higher…

Does that sound like a good idea to anyone?

Think about it because the more you know…

The less you fear.